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Annual Events

Chavez Day

It has become tradition, ever since the bronze Cesar Chavez was installed in La Placita Chávez at 916 S. Chavez (at the Supermercado El Rey) to host the community commemoration of

Cesar E. Chavez' birthday at that place.



Ciclovía MKE

2019 was no different. While Cesar's fiberglass likeness graced the halls of Milwaukee City Hall, neighbors gathered at La Placita Chavez on March 29, 2019 to honor Chavez' legacy, his contributions to civil and human rights, and his inspiration to movement leaders working for justice and peace. Inspiring poems and essays were spoken by young leader who participated in the Marcus Center's Cesar Chavez youth art contest. 

It is encouraging to know that Chavez' legacy will continue to inspire and to motivate generations to come because of his presence - symbolically - in the community and with the people. 

The 7th Ciclovía MKE took place on September 14, 2019, for the first time during the

weekend of Las Fiestas Patrias (the acknowledgement of independence days of many Latin American countries). The event was the most successful ever!

Neighbors were encouraged to be as active as they wanted - ranging from mechanical bull riding to yoga in the street.


We thank the many partners who made this Open Streets event an ongoing part of the identity of Chavez drive and the Near South Side. 

Look for Ciclovía's 8th edition in September 2020 (during the weekend of Las Fiestas Patrias)

Brew City Match & Pop-Up MKE

Once again in 2019 (and into early 2020), the Chavez Drive Commercial Corridor is playing host to Pop-Up MKE.

This program facilitates a temporary space for small business operators to try out a fixed location. The 2019 - 2020 Pop-Up MKE shop is located at 1037 S. Chavez.   


Many thanks to LISC Milwaukee and JP Morgan Chase for creating the Brew City Match which is investing in commercial corridors such as Chavez Drive.

A special thanks to El Rey Properties for being good neighbors,

providing the space for our Pop-Up MKE guests, and continuous investment into the drive. 

Upcoming Event Calendar

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